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Are you ready for drop-off?

To ensure that we are able to efficiently manage the queue as you wait to drop off your children at the front door, we have put together a DROP-OFF CHECKLIST that will be displayed on the front door. 

Thank you for your co-operation. 


If the answer to all of the questions in this section is YES, that’s great!


  • Is your child fit and well?


  • Do you have all of the following and is everything named?
    - water bottle
    - lunch box -no nut products
    - coat

    - backpack with waterproofs and a change of clothing
    - wellington boots

If the answer to any of the questions in this section is YES, please speak to a member of staff:


  • Has your child had any Calpol or similar within the last 12 hours?


  • Has your child had an accident at home and has injuries, such as bruises, cuts, stitches?


  • Is your child on antibiotics or other medication prescribed by the GP?


  • Does your child have any COVID-19 symptoms?


  • Is anyone else collecting your child today who is not on the regular list?


  • Is there any information that you need to share with us today?

  • Would you like to speak to your key person today?

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