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Checklist for the start of term

All children need:

  • Practical shoes - named on the inside

  • Waterproof anorak/coat - named on the inside

  • Waterproof trousers or all-in-one - named inside

  • Wellington boots. Please name the back of both boots across the top so that we can find the names when the boots are stored on the boot rack! The boots can go home each day or stay at The Barn

  • Water bottle - bottles with a pop up spout are best as children learn to do more things on their own. Screw cap bottles are often hard to open. Bottle to be clearly named on the outside

  • Lunch box - clearly named on the outside.

  • Small backpack to go on cloakroom peg with a change of clothes - named  on the outside

  • Any prescribed medications in original packaging. Please ensure the medication is in date

A few suggestions:

  • Comfortable, practical play clothes are ideal. We provide aprons for messy play, but inevitably, clothes get wet, muddy and paint marked

  • Clothes that children can manage themselves (with a little help) are important for encouraging independence. Fiddly straps, belts and other fastenings can be frustrating. Mittens usually work better than gloves because they are easier to put on.

  • Shoes/boots with velcro straps or zips are quick and easy to put on, and help your child to become independent. Converse type shoes and shoes with laces are very difficult for young children (and their teachers) to get on and off.

  • Waterproofs are perfect for outside play when the weather is wet and cold. We encourage children to go outdoors whatever the weather and getting changed is all part of the fun. Avoid the 'soft shell' type products as they are not usually waterproof! Primark, and Lidl often have good value items and a quick online search will come up with other options.

  • Outdoor wear needs to be suitable for the weather conditions and needs to fit. Do not buy too early or buy too big!

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