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What will my child need to bring in each day?

As part of our revised procedures that support minimising the risk of transfer of infection, we have an updated checklist of what needs to happen each day. Please click here to read the Checklist. Parents are advised that we can only accept children if everything listed on the Checklist is in order. If, for example, a child does not have a water bottle or is wearing open sandals or has not had sun cream applied, then the parent will be asked to go and do what needs to be done and then come back. We realise that this will be inconvenient, however we will be following the processes described in our risk assessment. At all times, our priority is to protect our staff, the children and their parents. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

When should I keep my child off school/nursery because of Coronavirus?

A quick guide for parents with answers to common questions. Click to open

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