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Welcome to The Barn 


The Barn Nursery School was established in 1984 and now operates from a former village school in the village of Wootton St Lawrence.​​ We are a term-time setting and provide outstanding care and education for children from 2 years 6 months to 5 years of age.

Children enjoy fun-filled days at The Barn, learning and developing skills through play and well-planned, purposeful activities and experiences.

​​We have two large ‘home’ rooms for our Explorers and Discoverers groups. Our youngest children in the Explorers are at the start of their journey to developing early independence.  They experience and become involved in play alongside and with others, coming to understand the give and take required for successful friendships and social interaction and the fun this involves. In a friendly, happy atmosphere, children are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings and also to listen to and consider their friends.  The children’s confidence and self-esteem grow as they become Discoverers.  The Discoverers continue to explore and learn actively as they problem solve, design, create, construct, enact, read, imagine, write, climb, run, and pedal, making links and connections. The time passes quickly as the children grow in confidence and become excited about their next adventure. They are ready to start school.

Both rooms have a calm and comfortable atmosphere with pictures of interest and children’s art displayed on the walls. The children follow their interests as they move freely between the rooms and the outside space. The well-equipped play and discovery area is used all day in all weathers and we have access to a meadow and wooded area which we use for walks, lunchtime picnics, physical activities and forest activities.​


At The Barn, we count in ones

Children learn and develop well in enabling, language-rich and inclusive environments, where experiences and opportunities respond to the needs of each individual child. The first five years are particularly important for the brain's organizational development and functioning throughout life, and early experiences directly impact children’s learning skills and social and emotional development.

At The Barn, we aim to give all children the best possible start to their early education through learning and development opportunities that reflect their unique characteristics, fascinations and enthusiasms.  Children experience and engage with a wide range of high-quality and exciting activities and provocations that inspire and stimulate their curiosity, promote active learning and encourage critical thinking. Confidence, self-esteem and social skills are nurtured and children learn to regulate their own behaviour and to deal with group dynamics.  Our days are filled with fun and laughter as the children. . .


Our Partners

The partnership between The Barn and the children’s families is fundamental in ensuring the best outcomes for all children. We understand the importance of feeling valued and respected, and work to keep parents informed, supported, consulted, and involved. 

Parents enjoy Homelink activities that support the current themes and ideas being explored by the children and provide opportunities for parents to share fun activities with their children. Resources including leaflets and information sacks with games, books, and stickers are available for parents to access.

We operate an open-door policy. The teachers will always make time to catch up and talk to parents or to arrange another time to meet up for a longer conversation. Parents are always welcome to 'stay and play' and to spend time alongside their children at nursery school. We have special events at the end of the Christmas and summer terms to which parents are invited and parents' evenings during the autumn and spring terms.

We use our blog for sharing weekly updates and photos, and when appropriate, we email and send text messages, to communicate important and timely information.

Making the Difference

The Barn is owned and managed by Rebecca Wells and Sharon Cooper, both qualified teachers, who together share overall responsibility for the management of the nursery school. 

Our teaching staff is highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic and they make the difference in improving outcomes for children. Teachers role model language and positive social interactions; they use sustained shared thinking in interactions with children; they have a good knowledge of the EYFS and pedagogy and child development; they support children in resolving conflicts and they work together with parents to support children's learning.


We timetable one teacher to a maximum of six children so that we are able to meet the individual needs of each child through quality interactions, helping them to make best progress. Our low child-adult ratios facilitate supporting, extending and consolidating the learning opportunities for all children as they have fun exploring, discovering and being curious in a positive, stimulating environment.                  

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