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Children are active by nature, and their hands tend to pick up germs while they are moving around and touching various surfaces. When they use the same dirty hands to touch their face, rub their eyes or place the fingers in their mouth, there is a risk of germs entering the body, which can lead to infections.

Children do not instinctively wash their hands when they are dirty, so they usually need some help to learn when they need to wash their hands and how to do it properly, so that the germs as washed away. Good handwashing habits are important for their health and wellbeing – and that of those around them!

Regular handwashing is embedded into our routines at The Barn. Children all wash their hands on arrival, after going to the toilet, before and after snack time, before eating lunch, after forest school, etc. We show the children how to wash their hands well and have posters in both washrooms to help everyone remember the steps.


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