Toilet (potty) training

There is a wealth of advice online on toilet training. Get practical advice and top tips from CBeebies on how to start training your child. Click here to open the link.

Have a look also at 'How to potty train - NHS'.

Alternatively, for information and support, you can go to the ERIC website, where they also have a useful webinar on potty training. ERIC is the childrens bowel and bladder charity.

How we support toilet training at The Barn

  • If you have not yet started toilet training, or if it is ‘on hold’ for a while – then either nappies or pull ups are fine for when at The Barn.

  • Once you have started potty training, do have a chat with your key person/Supervisor so that we can carry on following the approach you have introduced at home.

  • You might want to borrow our special Potty Training sack with books, stickers and charts.

  • We have lots of spare clothes, but it is also useful to make sure you have some extra clothes in your child’s bag. Remember to put in some special pants and a couple of spare nappies/pull ups.

  • Do encourage your child to drink plenty, eat a balanced diet and be physically active.

  • Constipation affects 30% of all children and is most common among toddlers and pre-schoolers. Withholding, where children avoid going to the toilet to do a poo, can also be a problem.

  • If you have any concerns, do talk to your GP, health visitor or call 111.